In a world where strict requirements often limit early career opportunities, these 4 companies are rewriting the rules and opening doors for aspiring bachelor students. It is a remarkable step forward, breaking the barriers that have long hindered access to hands-on experience at the start of women’s careers. 

Their commitment to empowering young talent is helping reshape the industry and creating a more inclusive and diverse future.

The Bottom-Up Approach: Empowering Early Career Growth

At Female x Finance, we firmly believe in the bottom-up approach, recognizing the importance of guiding and nurturing talent from the very beginning. By offering opportunities to bachelor students, these companies are fostering hands-on experience at an early stage, equipping young women with a competitive edge and a solid foundation for their future careers. This approach breaks down barriers and creates a pathway for success, not just for top management, but for aspiring professionals at all levels.

What can it do for your company?

  1. Fresh Perspectives: Hiring bachelor students brings a fresh perspective, enthusiasm, and innovative ideas to the workplace, contributing to a dynamic and forward-thinking company culture.
  2. Long-Term Growth Potential: Investing in bachelor students early on allows companies to shape their development, building a pipeline of talented individuals aligned with the company’s vision and fostering long-term growth. By investing in their growth, candidates also become ambassadors for the company.
  3. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Hiring bachelor students promotes diversity, expands the talent pool, and fosters an inclusive environment that values varied viewpoints, driving innovation and bridging the gender gap in early career opportunities.

Female x Finance plays a crucial role in helping companies attract and retain more female talent. Through our unique formula of We Network, We Educate, We Match, we work closely with companies to help them create a culture of inclusivity, where diverse voices are valued and opportunities are extended to all.



“The key to success lies in investing in talent, which applies not only to our investments but especially to our own team.”

– Felix Duijs
Investment Manager Committed Capital


A promising future 

We are confident that the opportunities provided by these companies will shape their lives positively, allowing them to make significant contributions to the industry and society as a whole. We can’t wait for the day when we see these remarkable women leading the way, reshaping the sector and inspiring generations to come.