About Bencis.

Realize ambitions.

Bencis was founded more than 20 years ago and since 2002 power woman Lesley van Zutphen is leading the firm as (managing) partner. Over the years, Bencis has invested in over 65 companies, and has done over 200 follow-on acquisitions with these partner companies. This makes us one of the most active PE firms in the Dutch mid-market.

Get to know Bencis

A fun and open culture.

We have a professional, but very open culture. Everyone in the team, including our interns, can and are expected to share their opinions on projects. We’re serious when it comes to our work, but we’re also serious about having fun with the team. And we do so frequently! We do at least two annual trips abroad, and we have a social event almost every month. 

Bencis truly works as one team, including 28 people from different professional and personal backgrounds. As a junior, you’ll work together with a highly skilled team, which will provide you with a very steep learning curve. 

For full-time positions, it’s more common to have 1-3 years of working experience. However, we always stay in close contact with our former interns, they might end up working at Bencis again at a later stage of their career.

About you

What we are looking for.

You don’t need to check all the boxes! (i.e. board, committees, internships, voluntary work, foreign exchange, etc.). But, we do like to see who you are as a person.

“We look at the whole package: you don’t need to check all the boxes! We care about who you are as a person.”

A bit about our culture.

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