About Committed Capital

We focus on people and foster strong relationships built on trust and shared objectives

Committed Capital is a Private Equity firm investing in companies that believe in the power of their people. We focus on entrepreneurial companies with a growth ambition. During the investment period, our companies can focus on their core activities while receiving organisational support from us.

Our entrepreneurial approach defines us, with the willingness and enthusiasm to seize opportunities. But the most important success factor is our team and the way we communicate with each other and with our portfolio companies: open, clear and proactive.

Get to know Committed Capital

At Committed Capital, authenticity and genuineness are highly valued. Our team members are encouraged to be true to themselves and openly express their opinions. For us, trust and respect in a transparent and collaborative environment are paramount. 

Committed Capital has an entrepreneurial spirit. Our team is encouraged to think outside the box, take initiative, and strive for excellence. High ambitions are always celebrated. We foster a learning environment where individuals develop continuously.

At Committed Capital, we believe in a work culture that combines dedication and enjoyment, fostering a balanced and fulfilling environment. Our team embraces hard work and consistently strives for excellence, while also encouraging a healthy work-life balance.

About you

What we are looking for.

  • You like working in a commercial and entrepreneurial environment and are comfortable working independently;
  • You appreciate a people-first strategy and have an open and proactive communication style matching this strategy;
  • You are continuously looking for development opportunities and intrinsically motivated to get better results;
  • You are analytical and strong in strategic and numerical thinking.

All our decisions are focused on making entrepreneurs and management teams excel. – Wai Ki Chiu

A bit about our culture.

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Headquarter Amsterdam

Headquarters: Amsterdam


12 employees

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