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Empowering entrepreneurs.

Hogenhouck is an independent M&A advisory company with a track record of more than 220 transactions. We value people with an entrepreneurial mindset above all else. We believe that everyone who is fascinated by our profession, has an analytical mind, and is willing to learn and work hard, will be able to achieve a position in M&A.

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“We have a no-nonsense and entrepreneurial culture where everyone’s talents are the basis for team success.”

“Hogenhouck employees can participate in our growth not only as team members, but also as co-owners of the company.”

“Our credo is ‘Business as unusual’. Needless to say we don’t think in terms of standard people or standard solutions. Our office exists by virtue of our people; the right people who feel at home in a world with entrepreneurs at its core.”

About you

What we are looking for.

  • You have a profound interest in finance, specifically in M&A. 
  • You are motivated to learn and are comfortable with a great amount of responsibility. 
  • You enjoy going the extra mile away from the standard solution and are capable of presenting your views in a constructive way. 
  • You are self-conscious, know what your competencies are and eager to work on your personal development.
  • You are keen in helping others and a strong team player.
  • You are fluent in Dutch.

“Learning by doing is the best way to grow on a professional and personal level”

– Hein Stoops (Partner)

A bit about our culture.

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the Hague

Headquarters: The Hague


27 employees in NL

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