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A culture of caring in Private Equity.

MiddleGround Capital is an award-winning private equity firm specialising in industrial, manufacturing, and specialty distribution investments. With our hands-on, operationally focused approach, we actively partner with businesses to execute customised value-creation plans that drive equity value back to our investors and management. We’re headquartered in the U.S. but recently opened an Amsterdam office that allows us to leverage Europe’s manufacturing hubs and access a strong talent base.

At MiddleGround Capital, we shape the future of industrial investing through collaboration, operational expertise, and a focus on long-term success, always living by our ESG tagline, “leaving the world better than we found it”.

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People don’t work for businesses, people work for people. At MiddleGround, we’re creating a culture that relies on participative management to motivate our teams. With a group of professionals from over 11 countries, we foster a diverse culture of high performance, collaboration, and fun!

MiddleGround Capital

“It’s been exciting working with so many people from different backgrounds. Seeing the different perspectives helps me understand how nuanced the European markets and cultures are.”

– Brandon Hamel

“I’m so proud seeing the talented team that we have. Bringing this group of people together is our biggest accomplishment in the European office.”

– Alexander van der Have

About you

What we are looking for.

  • Exhibits strong values such as honesty, loyalty, and respect for other people;
  • Focuses on continuous improvement, always striving for high performance and learning from mistakes;
  • Collaborative team player with excellent communication skills;
  • Analytical thinker with a proactive and self-motivated approach;
  • Embraces diversity and values inclusion in a dynamic and international work environment.

Our hands-on approach drives transformative growth in industrial businesses. We are active partners. You can rely on us to be fair, provide guidance when things are going well, and get involved when times are less certain.

A bit about our culture.

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Headquarter Amsterdam

Headquarters: Lexington (Kentucky, USA), with an office in Amsterdam


21 employees in Amsterdam

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