About Nordian

Our strategy is us. Continuously improving our team. Around three strategic pillars: personality, insight and pioneering.

We are Nordian, a team of open, enthusiastic and inquiring minds, people with a diverse set of educational and professional backgrounds. We invest in niche champions, throughout all sectors in the Benelux. We strive to make our companies ESG frontrunners and work closely together with our management teams without becoming managers ourselves.

Nordian is an independent private equity investor. Our team of 19 investment professionals is based in Amsterdam Amstel.

Get to know Nordian

We are actively developing programs for our portfolio companies, to help them become ESG leaders within their industry. This ranges from CO2 measurement and reduction programs, to talent development and employment excellence initiatives.

We invest in niche champions, companies that have a rough edge. We often start with the professionalisation of the organisation, and then try to accelerate growth through internationalisation and buy and build.

We actively work together with our management teams, sparring on a weekly basis. We do not take the seat of management, but provide proactive support in strategy, operations, finance and M&A, such that the entrepreneurs can keep on doing what they do best: entrepreneuring.

About you

What we are looking for.

  • You enjoy taking on responsibility for your work and are comfortable asking for help when needed.
  • You have wide interests and a curious nature.
  • You enjoy working in small dynamic teams in a fast-paced environment.
  • You are in the final stages of your Bachelor’s degree or have started a Master’s degree.
  • You speak fluent Dutch and English
  • You (preferably) have relevant internship experience.

Our strategy is us: continuously improving our team.

A bit about our culture.

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Headquarters Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Amstel


19 employees

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