In the world of finance, Estefanía Matesanz Medina stands as a symbol of resilience and determination. As the key-note speaker at the Female x Finance Network Event, Estefanía shared her invaluable insights on navigating the dynamic landscape of finance.

A Journey of Pursuit, Purpose, and Balance

♥  Pursuit of the Perfect Job

The pursuit of an ideal job is a journey filled with twists and turns, setbacks and triumphs. Estefanía emphasizes that this journey isn’t linear; in fact, the setbacks and disappointments often pave the way for your next endeavor. Learning to be flexible while staying true to your dreams is a crucial part of your career path. Detours can lead to better destinations or exceptional experiences, and it’s essential to gain experience and become resilient. 

Over time, your ideal job description will evolve. Estefanía suggests focusing on the “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves” in a role and analyzing your skills and strengths. When facing dynamics that aren’t ideal, it’s vital to weigh the pros and cons to make an informed decision.

♥ Standing out from the crowd

Estefanía emphasizes the importance of having your personal story ready. What events in your life have shaped your main study and career decisions? What drives you personally to apply for a role? Understanding your strengths and the skills you love to apply is crucial.

Intrinsic motivation is a driving force for excellence and setting yourself apart. 

Personal relationships are powerful; having your personal story ready can make a lasting impression. It’s equally important to be genuinely interested in others, actively listen, and ask questions.

♥  Work-Life Balance

The definition of work-life balance varies for each individual, and it’s important to establish your non-negotiables and areas where flexibility is possible. A sense of give and take is essential for a successful work-life balance. When passion and purpose converge in your work, the boundaries between work and private life blur. Estefanía offers coping strategies to prevent overloading, such as being your own coach, focusing on your goals and plans, and understanding what tasks align with your strengths and values. Mental agility is vital; focusing your mental energy on what you can control is key.


Estefanía Matesanz Medina’s journey is a testament to the ever-evolving pursuit of the perfect job, the power of personal stories, and the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Her insights serve as a source of inspiration for carving your own paths and navigating the intricacies of your career.