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Work in a dynamic and fast paced environment

ABN AMRO has the largest dealingroom in Europe and its Markets department is the heart of the Corporate Bank. We advise our clients on buying and selling of (complex) financial products – such as foreign exchange rates, stocks, bonds, and other fixed income and/or structured products. We are active on both sides of the coin, the private and public side.

For example, this means that we help a company raise equity and debt (private side) as well as we service investors in the execution of trades (public side). Therefore, our clients vary from (large) corporates to financial institutions (e.g. private banks, hedge funds, insurance companies etc.). All transactions are executed from ABN AMRO’s trading floors in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, New York and Paris.

Get to know ABN AMRO Markets

Our desks:

Fixed Income & Derivatives (FID) Sales & Trading, Foreign Exchange (FX) Sales & Trading, Debt Capital Markets (DCM), Equity Capital Markets (ECM), Data, ESG, Strategy & Business Development, International, Research.

“From the very first day as a trainee, I have experienced a supportive and welcoming environment. This has helped me grow a lot in my first couple of months and I am 100% sure that I will continue to do so for the rest of the Talent Programme.”
– Esha (Associate)

“The Markets team in London welcomed me with open arms and supported me in learning the intricacies of Debt Capital Markets. Working in the fast-pacing city of London is an experience itself, and I truly grew personally and professionally from it.”
– Brenner (Associate)

About you

What we are looking for.

Are you in your Master’s and do you have a proven affinity with financial markets and (complex) financial products? Are you a true team player and do you have strong analytical skills and relevant extracurricular and/or international experience? Then our Markets department could be the perfect fit for you.

Internship opportunity

  • Experience what is it like to work at a Markets desk
  • Duration: 4-6 months
  • Possible internship assignments: FID Sales & Trading, (e)FX Sales & Trading, DCM, ECM, Data, ESG and Research
  • Rolling applications

Talent programme opportunity

  • Duration: 18 months
  • Rotating every 3 months
  • Possible rotations: FID Sales & Trading, (e)FX Sales & Trading, DCM, ECM, Data, ESG, Research, external departments (e.g. Corporate Finance and Financing Solutions) and a rotation abroad
  • Start dates: March & September

“Every day is a new and challenging day. I enjoy working at Markets, because it is a dynamic work environment in which you can develop your technical and soft skills. Characteristic to Markets is the drive to innovate and improve, but also to join for some TGIF drinks.”

– Marloes (Head of eFX Sales)

A bit about
our culture

Because we all love stats (trainees + interns)

ABN AMRO March 2022

Headquarter Amsterdam

Amsterdam, including abroad rotation possibilities in London, Paris, Frankfurt and New York

ABN AMRO March 2022


15 – 20 trainees
5 – 10 interns

ABN AMRO March 2022

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