We are on a mission
to crack the gender diversity code.

It’s time to do it differently.

Who are we anyway?

Get to know us, Mélanie and Léonie, the faces behind FxF. We are here to provide women with all the aspects that we missed during our journey of finding a career in the financial sector. Together, we will crack the gender diversity code and get more women in finance.

Mélanie Bosboom

Previous experience in:

  • M&A
  • Private Equity

Léonie Kennepohl

Previous experience in:

  • Fintech
  • Strategy Consulting

Why we were determined to start FxF.

Launched in October 2021, Female x Finance is the first platform for women in finance, by women in finance. During our attempt to break into finance, we noticed that there were still several bumps in the road. While studying you learn a lot about finance. But, they do not teach you about the several financial sectors, companies, career opportunities, and the career path that will suit you best.

Most of the time, you’ll get in touch with companies from your own direct network and get informed and inspired by people closest to you. When you only see men dominating the field, it’s challenging to see yourself between them. “You can’t be it, if you can’t see it”, right? Nevertheless, we both made it in the financial sector and ended up doing several internships. Unfortunately, we saw a huge outflow of women, and their complications to stay into finance.

We noticed the lack of network of women in finance (the term ‘old boys network’ exists for a reason), the lack of insights in the industry, companies, career opportunities, and the lack of guidance to choose the right career path for you. We’re here to fix that.

To make a difference, we have to do it differently. So, we created a platform where companies can make their sector and themselves visible, attractive, and inviting. Together with our partners we help women to break into finance based on the three FxF Pillars: inspire, educate and by creating a network. We are on a mission to drastically increase the female talent pool and to get more women in finance.

The Female x Finance team

We believe in growing together. Therefore, we only work with motivated partner and candidates who want to make a change in the scene. Meet our team members who are responsible for the success of Female x Finance. We are always looking for people that join our mission and want to work at FxF.
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“I believe that women deserve more spotlights to express themselves, which is why FxF inspires me so much to become a part of the change”

Event Manager

“FxF is the perfect way for me to get more familiar with the financial sector and at the same time contribute to getting more female talent in the industry I want to work in.”

Data analyst

”We live in 2022, that there is still inequality in the workplace, I can not understand. That’s why we are going to #breakthebias.”

Growth Hacker

Employer Branding

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We are a young organization with a mission to crack the gender diversity code. What we are aiming for is not easy, and we know we need to push the limits to reach our goals. We are passionate about creating awesome things and believe that through optimism, perseverance, and ingenuity we will succeed. Do you see yourself working at Female x Finance? Apply now!

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