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1.Build the perfect finance resume.

Your resume and cover letter are your golden ticket into the financial sector. We will make sure they are on point (everyone knows people in finance pay extra attention to detail!). Think grammar check, layout check, reverse chronological order, and many other elements!

2.Connect with companies.

Searching for an internship or a starter position can be scary, we know. That’s why we’re here to help you discover what is the best next step for your (future) finance career! We partner with over 40 companies who oftentimes don’t share their vacancies online, but they share them with us! We will connect you with your preferred companies.

3.Prepare for your interviews.

Together, we perfected your resume and cover letter, and we connected you to multiple companies. Now it’s time for your interview rounds! Our Talent Managers will make sure you are prepared and confident to ace that interview and eventually land your job!

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