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“Soft skills are 6 times more important than hard skills for job success”

During the Female x Finance Academy we will provide you with an exclusive training. Together with our partner Accuracy we want to help YOU to improve your soft skills. During a masterclass and  lunch we will provide you the tips and tricks on how to give a killer presentation.

This will not be a regular masterclass. The week before the masterclass (March 7th) you get the opportunity to kick-start your pitching skills with an online tool which we will provide. A few days later, you will receive feedback on your skills. This is not mandatory but recommended to do. 

The masterclass itself (March 16th) gives you the possibility to meet the Accuracy team and get a sneak peek in how the Accuracy Business Cup will take place. Besides, you will practice your soft skills. At first, you will get to know the Accuracy team and the other participants during a lunch. Afterwards you will make and also practice your own creative pitch together with 2 other participants. Thereafter you will present your pitch to the other participants and the Accuracy team. At the end, the winner will be announced. 

However, do not forget! Everyone in this masterclass is a winner. You will learn a lot and improve your (soft) skills which is very important. You can use this your entire life time. 

Do not wait any longer and sign up now for this event below. 

Date: 16th March
Time: 12:00 – 16:00


For who?
Participants of the FxF Academy. 

How to join our masterclass : How to give a killer presentation?
1. Sign up for the FxF Academy Class of March 2022. https://femalexfinance.com/event/academy/
2. Improve your (soft) skills, meet the Accuracy team and get a little preview of the Accuracy Business Cup!

See you there!

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