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More and more members of the FxF Network become interested in the Asset Management sector, but not a lot know what this sub-sector in finance does and how it works. In this interactive session with a professional woman in the field, Ella Burton from J.P. Morgan, you will find out everything you need to know about the Asset Management sector!

JP Morgan Asset Management is a client-facing team of experts who help people navigate and achieve their financial goals.The following topics will be covered during this online event:

– What is Asset Management?

– What are your tasks working in Asset Management?

– How does your workweek look like?

– What do you need to know before you start in Asset Management?

– How should your profile look like if you want to start in Asset Management?

Please note, this is an interactive session! Make use of this training to ask all your questions to Ella Burton (J. P. Morgan).
If you already have some questions, please send them to , and we will make sure they will be answered during the session.

General information
Date: Thursday, January 19th
Time: 17:00 – 18:00 CET
Location: Online. You will receive a zoom link after you register below!


Did Asset Management spark your interest? Consider joining J. P. Morgan’s Virtual Experience Program to be immersed in the world of Asset Management. And make sure to check out this series on the Asset Management sector.

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