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On October 27th we invite Dr. Miranda Brawn to talk about the topic: Designing your career with unconscious bias in 5 simple steps.

About Dr. Miranda Brawn
Miranda Brawn’s career portfolio started as an investment banker working for the top global banks like J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs as one of the first women of colour on London’s trading floor to becoming a hedge fund sales trader and then senior finance lawyer to now a board director for private, public and non-profit sectors.

She has been internationally recognised as an exceptional dynamic and inspirational leader having accepted numerous awards over the years including global influential powerlists and “Woman of the Year” at the Women in Finance awards.

Designing your career with unconscious bias
Miranda is going to talk about how to learn to embrace change and map out a fulfilling career path that is the perfect fit for you based upon your personality, preferences, values and interests while helping to make a positive impact in the world.¬†Dare to be different and follow the path less travelled by taking calculated risks in your career. Miranda will share her unconventional career journey and how she has designed her own innovative and inspirational career to successfully achieve her career goals. This includes within banking, law, technology and engineering from working at the world’s top investment banks to advising global organisations and billionaires while being one of the most senior women in the electrical vehicle global boardroom.

How to change your world with everyday unconscious bias in 5 simple steps. Miranda will address unconscious bias in and out of the workplace across all sectors including finance while sharing some tips for everyone to action to eliminate this.

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