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After the success of last year, we are happy to announce that we host the Investment Banking month again! During three webinars we tackle the following questions:

Week 1 – How to get an offer at an Investment Bank?

We will kick off the Investment Banking month by talking to professionals in the field. We invite 4 women who recently got an offer at top Investment Banks in The Netherlands, Germany and London. They will talk about why they chose to apply for a job in Investment Banking and will give tips & tricks on how to get invited for interviews and how to get an offer.

Week 2 – How to tailor your Investment Banking Resume?
Your resume, the golden ticket into Investment Banking (if you do it right). Both the format and the content of your resume is important. First of all, it’s important to tailor your resume to the industry standards to avoid being immediately skipped by a recruiter just because it doesn’t comply with the format. Secondly, you need to know what to put on your resume. The job market in IB is competitive so you need to stand out, but how?

Week 3 – How to ace your Investment Banking interview process?
Learn from professionals in the field, what kind of questions can you expect and how to react and those questions?

Further program will be announced soon!

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