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Are you ready to ace your Investment Banking interview?

Female x Finance will prepare you by explaining all the financial theory in a practical way! You will understand the why of a question, you will practice with real-life examples, and you will find out about the most asked questions in an investment banking interview!

What can you expect?
Two interactive training sessions where we will go over financial theory and practice example questions for each subject. After the first session, we will share our Most Asked Questions guide so everyone can practice the questions on their own.
Here are the subjects we will cover:

– The deal process
– The three financial statements and how to link them
– EV and Equity Value
– Valuation methods
– Synergies

First interactive training session Online 

Tuesday, 20th of September @ 17:00 – 18:30 (London time)

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Second interactive training session On-site

Wednesday, 28th of September @10:30 – 12:00 (London time)

Do you want to join the on-site training? Please email jasmijn@femalexfinance.com


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