Accuracy Networking and Speed Date

Accuracy and Female x Finance have been working together for more than a year, with the shared goal of increasing female hires in the financial sector. We spoke to Bas Dantuma, Director at Accuracy, to look back at the partnership – its motivations, goals, benefits, and results.

Before Female x Finance

Before Accuracy started its partnership with Female x Finance, they were already actively working towards improving gender diversity in their company. 

“We had a big challenge: hiring more women. We saw that across all our offices worldwide, and in the Netherlands particularly, we had a gender diversity issue.

We wanted to do something about that. Therefore, we joined the Financial Study Association (FSA) events organized by students. Among those students were the founders of FxF, and that is how we got to know Female x Finance.”

At multiple events that Accuracy was attending, it soon became apparent that they should do a better job introducing the company, the people, the way of working and the company culture. Otherwise, they would fail to attract more female talent. 

Why Female x Finance?

Accuracy was one of the first companies Female x Finance approached for a partnership, thanks to their past gender diversity and inclusion initiatives. And Accuracy immediately accepted!

“We knew that FxF has a different way of approaching female talent. FxF is going against the wave. You can see this in Female x Finance’s event locations, tone of voice, and how they speak to candidates. Female x Finance does that well – we see that it works.” 


Accuracy started its partnership with Female x Finance with bold goals in mind. They aim to reach a 50-50 gender ratio, which Bas sees as a normal working environment. 

“We want to create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable immediately. I think gender diversity is essential for a team because you then have more angles and can look at things differently.” 

To a certain extent, together with Accuracy, we are starting to reach that goal.


Accuracy is on its path towards reaching its goal of 50% women in its team. 

“The team has changed a lot. From less than 10% women in our team to 35% women in our team in the Netherlands. It is just incredible.”  

In addition, I’m proud that other companies see Accuracy as an ambassador for diversity and are very active in achieving this goal. They notice that we focus on diversity and act upon it to attain this goal.”

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