Meet Marijke, after she completed her Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering at TU Delft, she recognized the importance of diversifying her skills. Opting for a Finance minor in the Technical Mathematics department proved to be the perfect introduction to the field. Taking the next step, she sought to become an ambassador for Female x Finance, and fortunately, it worked out! Female x Finance provided an ideal opportunity for her to delve deeper into the finance world and eventually helped her secure internships in finance and Private Equity at HC Partners.

  • Bachelor’s degree Mechanical Engineering – TU Delft

  • Minor Finance – TU Delft

  • Ambassador – Female x Finance

  • Private Equity Intern – HC Partners

Coding, Mathematics, Finance

The engineering bachelor is very focused, as you might expect, on engineering. This left me with the feeling that I missed some broader experience. This made the minor in finance perfect for me. The difficulty of the minor made me hesitate at first, but in the end, it was the right one. I enjoyed the challenge and it sparked my interest in finance. The subjects are essentially math and coding skills applied in a financial environment. My background in engineering therefore helped me a lot. After completing my minor I was on the lookout for new opportunities in the field. So the following year I joined a board of 8 students whose job it was to organize career events, including a Finance Day. At the same time, I became an ambassador for Female x Finance. This gave me even more exposure to the financial field. The next logical step for me was to look for an internship in Finance.

Female x Finance reached out to me asking if they could help. With their help, I managed to land an interview at a financial firm. After a successful application process, I started my 4-month internship in January. On top of this, I also did an internship at an investment firm to help broaden my experience even further. I am now looking to start my master’s in Financial Econometrics at the VU in Amsterdam.

My journey from engineering to the financial sector was, and still is a very engaging and interesting experience. My engineering background helped me to grasp finance mathematics. To anyone with the same engineering background, don’t let your initial lack of finance knowledge stop you. If you find it really interesting and you are willing to work hard, it is possible. I recommend starting by reading some good books, and articles and watching YouTube films.

When I prepared for the application for my internship, I realized how little I knew about finance. I thought I had some skills because of my minor, but Private Equity is different from what I knew. There is so much to learn and this sparked my interest even more. It is truly challenging if you want to do well, something I underestimated.

The minor comprised six different courses in the realm of finance, providing a diverse understanding of the subject. For instance, one course was a general finance overview, while another involved predicting the future values of companies, incorporating more programming than the others. What I find intriguing about Private Equity, in contrast to some other realms in finance, is the duration of a deal. I prefer having the time to truly delve into a project rather than dealing with multiple projects at once.

My engineering background helped me to grasp finance mathematics. To anyone with the same engineering background, don’t let your initial lack of finance knowledge stop you.


Marijke’s tips: 

  • Do not underestimate the amount you need to learn. Although there is a lot of math involved in finance, it also involves a lot of new terms. Finance truly does speak a different language. 

  • When applying for an internship, start your preparation early to familiarize yourself with the language and delve deep into all the information about finance, if you are hesitant about what to know, join a Female x Finance training Events.or book for a free career consult.Book a career consult


Don’t be afraid to step into a new field; don’t shy away from something just because you think it is too different, and gather information from various sources. These can include videos, books, articles or conversations with individuals knowledgeable about the subject. Discover what fits you best!