What does someone’s path towards asset management look like? We asked Julia Waardenburg, Fund Services Specialist & Data Analyst at AssetCare, to share her experience so far! From thinking that she will become a dentist, to finding her passion for mathematics and economics and finally starting her career in finance, you can learn a lot from Julia’s journey so far!

So, who’s Julia?

Julia is born and raised in Amsterdam and holds a dual nationality – Dutch and Polish! In high school, she did the Nature & Health programme because, at that time, she wanted to be a dentist.

She eventually noticed that she was actually better at mathematics and economics than at biology or chemistry, so Julia decided to pursue a Bachelor’s in Economics and Business Economics. This turned out to be a great choice!

Julia’s path towards the financial sector

“After my finance specialisation in my Bachelor’s, I wrote my thesis about how machine learning models can be used in asset pricing. I learned how to code in Python myself when I had to do my bachelor’s thesis.

I liked it a lot so I pursued a Master’s in Quantitative Finance. Starting my master, I had no idea of what job opportunities in the financial sector look like. I realised I had to start building my resumé – so I applied for the Financial Study Association, ASIF Ventures, and came into contact with Female x Finance as well!”

But why did Julia end up choosing finance in the first place?

“I chose finance because you learn how to apply practical skills in combination with working together in teams. You combine your analytical skills analysing data but you also need to be able to clearly formulate your findings verbally and non-verbally (written/presentation).”

And finally, asset management!

“My first job in finance was during my bachelor, I worked in customer service at a pension fund. During my master’s, I did an internship in Venture Capital. I liked working in investments but I wanted a more broad overview of different asset classes. So I started a working student position at my current job at AssetCare, where we provide services for investment funds in different asset classes (stocks, bonds, crypto, real estate, venture capital and private equity).”

You’re probably wondering why Asset Management is an exciting career path to pursue. Julia’s got the answer for you!

“I chose asset management because it gives a broad overview of financial markets. You apply theoretical knowledge to understand the underlying drivers of the economy, and how to invest and mitigate the risks of your investment accordingly. On top of that, you think about how capital and recourses are allocated efficiently. You can see the impact of your work directly!

Are you getting curious about Asset Management? Have a talk with us and let’s find your next opportunity!