Written by Business Analyst Theresa Wiafe

In the world of job hunting, your resume serves as a crucial first encounter with a recruiter or prospective team member, setting you up for initial success or failure. It’s the snapshot that forms their initial impression of you, summarizing key experiences that have shaped you into the person you are today. Moreover, it offers a glimpse into your capabilities.

In this article, our goal is to equip you with invaluable insights and strategies that will position you for a successful recruitment process with the help of ChatGPT.

Experience and skill development

Crafting a compelling finance resume is an art, requiring strategic thought and careful selection. In the finance sector, usually, recruiters look for three things: skill set, credentials, and a track record of excellence. When it comes to developing an impressive resume, taking on internships, any extracurricular activities aligned with your desired role or assuming a leadership position in a school society or sports club instantly sets you apart. These experiences cultivate crucial skills required in most finance jobs such as interpersonal, leadership and analytical skills.

Here are some ChatGPT prompts to help you with the thinking process of experiences and skills to acquire:

“What are key skills that private equity professionals have and can you give me a set of experiences and extracurricular activities that can be pursued to develop these skills?”

“Please give me a few examples of great transferable skills to build for those pursuing a career in finance.”

Translating your experiences

Numbers speak volumes. Highlighting your achievements with quantifiable metrics makes your contributions tangible and impressive. Whether it’s project successes, efficiency improvements, or cost savings, ChatGPT can guide you in highlighting impactful results. In the Work Experience & Extracurricular section, list your roles in reverse chronological order, with the latest position at the top. Each role should be accompanied by succinct bullet points, using action-oriented language and incorporating quantifiable details.

For instance, instead of stating “I was responsible for various activities as the student council president” Led a team of 10 members in organising various school events, including fundraisers and community service projects. Fostered a positive and inclusive environment, resulting in a 20% increase in society membership. This approach provides clarity and demonstrates your impact. Remember, finance professionals often only use just 30 seconds to review your resume, so structure it thoughtfully. This snapshot should resonate with the key criteria they seek. Refer to this complete resume example for guidance.

Prompts you can use to structure your resume:

❖ “Can you please quantify my extracurricular activities for my resume in a structured but concise way using bullet points?”

❖ “Detail my experience in [specific skill or field], emphasising achievements and outcomes based on this input: [input]”.

❖ “Highlight my leadership roles and accomplishments in [specific organisation or project].”

❖ “Rewrite my resume using keywords and metrics that align with these job responsibilities/this role:”

❖ “Please act as an experienced resume editor and recruiter. I will paste my current resume for you to review and identify any errors or potential for improvement. Please highlight any grammatical, spelling, or syntax errors. Also, identify formatting issues and suggest changes to make the document more clear and improve the effectiveness of the resume.”

Making AI your A(I)dvisor

Drafting a resume is more than just listing your experiences and skills; it’s about conveying your contributions and showcasing quantifiable results. Remember, your resume is your ticket to unlocking great opportunities in the world of finance. With careful crafting and the assistance of ChatGPT, you’re well on your way to making a stellar first impression and setting the stage for a successful recruitment journey. Now go ahead and write your top CV with ChatGPT but don’t forget to add some human judgment to it as well!