ING success story

In the ever-evolving Finance landscape, ING recognised the importance of building diverse and inclusive teams within its departments. At the forefront of this mission are the Structured Acquisition Finance (SAF) and Structure Lending (SL) divisions. They joined forces with Female x Finance to spread awareness about the two departments, aiming to break down barriers and reach more aspiring women in finance.

How we did it

  • ¬†Analysing Perception and Devise Strategies

    Female x Finance and ING conducted a survey among aspiring women in finance, revealing limited awareness of the Structured Acquisition Finance and Structure Lending divisions. Over 40% lacked knowledge of career opportunities, emphasising the need for improved visibility and communication.

  • Taking Swift Action

    In response to survey insights, FxF and the SAF and SL departments acted to bridge the perception-reality gap. They optimised vacancy descriptions to align with audience motivators, provided comprehensive information, and dispelled misconceptions. The result was a clearer understanding of the vibrant opportunities available to potential candidates.

  • Collaborative Efforts and Interactive Event

    To further increase awareness, Female x Finance and the departments collaborated on an article featuring an interview with Femke Schep, Head of Structured Lending at ING. The article showcased the unique experience of working in Structured Acquisition Finance and Structure Lending, highlighting the dynamic and diverse nature of these teams as an ideal career launchpad. Additionally, an interactive online event covered Leveraged Finance basics, financing processes, and ING’s training and mentoring opportunities.

  • Remarkable Results and Concrete Impact

    The collaborative efforts between Female x Finance and ING yielded outstanding results. The awareness and consideration metrics for both departments soared above the Female x Finance benchmark, signalling a significant improvement in brand recognition and desirability.

After just 6 months of partnership, this is what we achieved:

Women went through the hiring process
Women got hired

This success story stands as a testament to the commitment and determination that the Structured Acquisition Finance and Structure Lending departments made towards having a more diverse workplace. The joint efforts with Female x Finance not only transformed the perception of these departments but also opened doors of opportunity for aspiring women in finance. Together, they continue to pave the way for a future where gender diversity is the norm, and talented women excel in the financial industry.