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📆 Date: February 29th –  ⏰ Time: 12:00 to 13:15- 📍Location: Online
You hired women, that’s great! But do you know how to retain them? Our research shows that more than 50% of Zillenial women in Finance in the Netherlands are actively looking for or are open to new opportunities. At Female x Finance, we wanted to understand their main motivators and what they need to stay with their current employer and grow within the company. We surveyed more than 170 women on their turnover intentions, and we joined forces with our DEI experts to prepare a report on how to retain them. Now it’s time to share this knowledge so more companies can empower their female workforce!






What can you expect from the training?


➡️ Best practices and hands-on tools on how to attract, retain and connect with Generation Z.

➡️ How managers can play a role in the creation of effective multigenerational teams.

➡️ Benefits of including all generations in your team.

➡️ Insights on the different generations in the workplace and the reasons they differ.

➡️ Engaging in Q&A and discussions with Female x Finance Experts.

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