In a world brimming with diverse career paths, Jessika’s story shines as a tale of audacity, adaptability, and commitment to growth. Armed with a Master’s in Governance and Organisation from Tilburg University and an MBA from Nyenrode Business University, Jessika embarked on a unique path that led her from cultural researcher at university to being the Managing Director with Alvarez & Marsal Private Equity Services.  Let’s dive into her journey, filled with insights, achievements, and lessons that can guide and inspire professionals at any stage of their careers.

Her early focus on policy and organization, coupled with her entrepreneurial background and spirit, steered her into Accenture as a technology consultant with specific focus on change management, where she honed her consulting skills while collaborating with industry giants like ABN AMRO, Nuon, KLM, and Liberty Global.


Seeking a more holistic perspective, Jessika transitioned to the corporate world joining Telfort, a young mobile operator in the Netherlands. Her talents as a Program Manager to the CEO came to the forefront, as she navigated the company through transformative phases, setting it on a trajectory of growth. She then transitioned to @Home as a Director, the precursor of Ziggo, where her leadership helped orchestrate a seamless transition with a triple merger and a successful hitting of the  value creation plan and her first management role leading large teams at a young age.

Her career was only starting, as she later assumed a CEO role, overseeing the Benelux region, whilst also being responsible for SME sales across Europe. This demonstrated her ability to drive change across diverse contexts and cultures.

Another turning point arrived when she accepted the role of CEO at IWG Netherlands. Tasked with turning the company around, Jessika leveraged her strategic acumen to make the enterprise profitable once more in a very short timeframe. This experience solidified her reputation as a transformative leader capable of revitalizing organizations.

“I don’t believe in role models. If you pick a role model, you try to replicate them, and I think it takes away from who you are and can be(come).”

Jessika emphasizes the value of authenticity. Believing in oneself, knowing strengths and weaknesses, and staying true yields success beyond imitation. Personal growth stems from aligning with one’s essence rather than trying to conform to external models.

Ultimately, Jessika’s journey brought her to Alvarez & Marsal (A&M), where her track record in steering companies through transformation and growth aligned seamlessly with the firm’s mission. She joined them as Managing Director for their Private Equity Services in Benelux and is heading currently the Amsterdam Office as Country Head. A&M focuses on pre and post deal work, working as a consultancy firm with an operator edge. They help investors with due diligence and advise them on whether they should make an investment. In the post deal side, they also help investors and companies in mergers, acquisitions, and performance improvement and where relevant take on interim roles to steer and accelerate results. 

What Jessika would advice her 25 year old self:

    • Learn from Others: Actively listen and learn from those around you. Humility and absorbing insights from diverse sources can lead to valuable learning experiences and results. Try to make them your own
    • Embrace Insecurities: Recognize that insecurities are a natural part of learning and growth. Managing them improves over time. Trust you will be able to manage them. Learn to believe in yourself and embrace authenticity to boost self-confidence. Stay close to yourself.
    • Embrace Challenges: Embrace pitfalls and struggles as learning opportunities. Mistakes provide insights into how things truly work. Don’t fear mistakes; they contribute to your growth and experience. Don’t see them as failures.
    • Objective Perspective: Detach from emotions and gain a holistic view of situations. Assess situations objectively by focusing on facts and the process rather than being swayed solely by emotions or personal opinions
    • Time and Effort: Success is a journey that requires time, maturity, and consistent effort. Patience is key, as overnight success is rare. Understand that progress is gradual and achieved through dedication

Jessika’s achievements, on her terms:

    • She has successfully managed companies and led successful teams.
    • Thrives on achieving the seemingly impossible, particularly through collaborative efforts.
    • Finds most pride and energy in overcoming complex challenges with her teams.
    • Proud mother of three happy and healthy children, her ultimate -and most important- achievement in life alongside her career.

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