It all starts with embracing the change. Having difficulties finding candidates for your open positions? You are not alone! The past two years have made the recruitment market turn upside down. Hiring practices that were the norm in a post-pandemic world are beginning to look dated and ineffective. With remote working and skills shortages taking over, it quickly becomes apparent that the recruitment landscape is not the same as it once was. So stop holding on to your old hiring practices, embrace the change and adjust your hiring practices accordingly. How? We listed the following four for you. 

#1 Candidates have new values

Companies need to change their employer brand accordingly. For the first time in a generation, there are more available jobs than there are candidates, and therefore the applicants hold more power than ever before. Candidates can afford to become more selective about job openings and will be more likely to wait for a job they truly want, a culture that suits the Gen Z work ethic.

This means that your company has to work harder to stand-out and attract talent. The same tried and tested tactics may no longer be enough to win talent, companies have to make their workplace desirable. Promote what makes your company unique and find out which specific elements will appeal to your target candidate.

Finding out how to position your company will help you attract the right candidates and counteract the reluctant candidates.

#2 Stop with the generic terms! 

The “steel-learning curve” and “yearly ski-trip” isn’t what makes you unique. Generic terms are losing value. What makes your company a ‘great place to work’ ? The ‘steep-learning curve’ and the ‘yearly ski-trip’ with the team? Well, no. There is only so many times a candidate can hear this and we have heard these terms enough by now.

Generic terms have lost their meaning and Gen Z is less trustworthy than the generations before them. Employers will have to take a deep dive into their culture and decide not only what makes them unique but also the sort of candidates that could thrive there. Because, every business is different, and so is every candidate. 

#3 The shift to online is here to stay

Start investing in your online presence. Where to find generation z? “Online!”. Where to find talent? “Online!”. So, where to showcase your company brand and vacancies? “Online!”

Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Job boards and other online platforms are crucial when it comes to connecting with generation z. Online platforms have become THE recruitment tools to find candidates.

#4 Lower the barriers to apply

Traditional application processes hold candidates back to apply. That moment when you have decided to apply and the company asks you to fill out 4 pages of questions, a motivation letter or even a video pitch? You don’t have that much time right now, so you postpone your application and end up not applying at all in the end.

Sounds familiar? To all employers: There are too many jobs to choose from and recruiters are more aggressive than ever. So, holding on to your old, difficult and time consuming application process will cost you more applicants than you might think. Make it easy, quick and fun to apply.

Long story short, the most important thing to remember is that candidates nowadays have more values. So promote what makes your company unique and find out which specific elements will appeal to your target candidate. At the same time it is important to lower the barriers to apply, start investing in online presence and stop with the generic terms. Success guaranteed.