Meet Lauren, a Financial Economics Master’s student at Erasmus School of Economics. She finished her Bachelor’s in Economics and Business Economics at Utrecht University. Uncertain about her career path, Lauren found clarity through career advice and Female X Finance events. Now, she’s happily pursuing her Master’s. Join her as she shares insights into her journey and the impact of Female X Finance on her choices.

How it all started…

Throughout my Bachelor’s, and I believe many people will agree, you are very focused on broadening your academic horizon. Seeing many types of studies and disciplines, it is difficult to ascertain what really gets you going and what future field you would like to pursue work in.

Through pure luck, I came into contact with Female x Finance, when the company had just launched. With a set of other Economics and Business students in Utrecht, we formed the first Utrecht ambassador team. It started as a fun extracurricular activity to participate in on the side, as so many of us do, yet little did I know this would be the start of one of the most important activities undertaken for my future professional path.

During my Female x Finance activities, I met other women who were interested in the same topics as I was, and motivated by the same things. During events, we discussed issues every student starting to think about the future encounters, from professional to personal ones. We received and exchanged many tips about for example: internships, degrees, side jobs, university courses and work/life balance. Often we would visit an event hosted by a company and learn about this company. I can vividly remember visiting a Private Equity landscape presentation hosted by Female x Finance, not even knowing what Private Equity was when I walked into the room. I always left Female x Finance events feeling refreshed and excited for all the possibilities the world holds for ambition.

Female x Finance helped me broaden my view of the many possibilities, provided role models and helped me think through possible steps in my career. These informal conversations concerning my professional growth were of endless value in shaping my career decisions.

The Female x Finance career consults

The one-on-one career consultations played a crucial role in helping me find my path. They allowed me to connect my experiences at the university, peers, and FXF events to my personal ambitions. Having a casual and friendly conversation with a Talent Manager of Female x Finance who genuinely cares about your interests and has solid industry knowledge is priceless. These discussions aren’t always about work or study plans; I vividly recall talking with FXF’s founder, Léonie, about my plans to go abroad and pursue personal growth.

If you’re a student with even a tiny bit of interest in Finance, I strongly suggest you get involved in Female x Finance events and career consults. It’s open to everyone, even if you’re not sure about your goals—especially if you’re not sure yet! Don’t underestimate the impact of meaningful conversations with women who share your interests; they can greatly influence and assist you in making crucial decisions.

The Female x Finance career journey

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