In 2023, we see more and more companies organizing in-house events. They invite a group of bachelor and master students to join an interactive afternoon at their company to understand what they do, their daily work life and their company culture. The goal of these in-house events: showcase their company to a new talent pool and inspire the next generation.

Students often get invited to in-house days but do not always directly see the relevance. However….

Growing a better world together
. Rabobank is the global leader in Food & Agri banking, while in the Netherlands they serve all sectors and quite recently established a strategic focus on the energy transition. As a bank, they always go the extra mile to support projects they firmly believe in and in this way, they contribute to a more sustainable and better world.

Ana Petrović – M&A Associate at Rabobank

Students are nowadays faced with a number of opportunities to start their career in finance, and choosing for a specific field and a specific company can prove a rather difficult task. Same goes the other way around – we often receive many good and interesting CVs and making the right recruitment decisions is not straightforward and easy.

We therefore find in-house days very valuable, as we get the opportunity to explain the students what M&A is all about, what do we do on daily basis and who we really are as a company and as a team. On the other hand, we also get the opportunity to really get to know the participants, understand what motivates them and who they truly are – sort of ‘putting a face and personality to the CV’, which helps make right decision for both sides.

A true win-win situation!

The Inhouse-day Adventure

Insights into Company Culture:
First of all, understanding the culture of a prospective employer is essential in making career decisions. In-house events provide students with glimpses into the company’s mission, values, and working environment. This insight goes beyond what can be seen from a website or brochure, offering a more authentic understanding of whether a particular company aligns with a student’s career aspirations.

Live Case Studies and Presentations:
Finance is a dynamic field, and in-house events often feature live case studies and presentations. These interactive sessions allow students to witness real-world problem-solving, project execution, and the application of financial concepts. Exposure to such scenarios provides practical insights into the challenges that professionals face.

Networking Opportunities:
Your network is your net worth. Joining in-house events is the perfect opportunity to build a professional network. In-house events offer students the chance to interact with professionals, most of the time they also include a wide range of attendees including associates, analysts, interns, recruiters etc. Networking in this setting allows students to ask specific questions, gain insights into the company’s work culture, and establish connections that may prove instrumental in the future. Always ask employees for their LinkedIn profiles and make a connection with them after joining an in-house event!

Recruitment Opportunities:
Many Finance companies use in-house events as recruitment platforms. Participating students may learn about internship opportunities, graduate programs, and entry-level positions directly from the company’s representatives. This early exposure can give students a competitive advantage in securing positions within the Finance sector.


I really enjoyed learning more about the M&A process from Ana, who explained everything about her inspiring journey. The event was very interactive and engaging, and it was a pleasure getting to know other ambitious women!”

– Riya Divekar – Female x Finance Ambassador 2023


”I was captivated by Ana’s enthusiasm and kindness during her comprehensive presentation on the M&A process. The event provided a valuable platform to connect with diverse Rabobank employees, each sharing their unique experiences.”

– Maya Camstra – Female x Finance Ambassador 2023