Meet Mia, she is in the final stages of her double degree in Econometrics and Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, specialising in Quantitative Finance and Financial Economics. Since high school, she has always been involved in many extracurricular activities, from debating clubs to student consultancy. These experiences have not only broadened her skill set but have also been crucial in shaping my perspective on the professional landscape. In this article she shed light on the relationship between academic pursuits and real-world experiences.

  • Freshman Committee – FAECTOR 

  • Fides Investments – B&R Beurs Erasmus Investment Society

  • Mentee – Bain & Company

  • One-week intern – Bain & Company

  • Strategy consultant – De Kleine Consultant

  • Ambassador- Female x Finance

The search for finding the extra curricular that fits you

I have often found the standard curriculum in my degree to be somewhat lacking in depth with regards to future prospects, such as a career in finance or in consultancy. While these subjects are touched upon, they are rarely thoroughly discussed and explored. This has led me to seek activities that go beyond the conventional, providing a more immersive understanding. Although I have now found extracurriculars that suit me, in the beginning, I found it difficult to focus on and where to find the right opportunities. Let me take you through my personal journey!

Towards the end of my bachelor’s, many of my peers started doing internships to gain experience in certain fields. I felt out of my depth, as I was unsure what industries interested me and where I would perform best. A friend of mine introduced me to strategy consulting, which I was not familiar with. That led me to apply to De Kleine Consultant, where I spent over a year as a student consultant. This has taught me a lot about critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork, which are valuable assets when applying for internships or jobs. Sometimes a little push is all you need to take a leap of faith!

Extracurriculars are not just activities to fill your resume with; they are your personalised journey to success, showing commitment, dedication, and the resilience to go beyond the conventional.

As a student, it can be overwhelming to shape your journey and take the first steps into your professional career. However, there is no wrong way to start your journey! Focus on finding extracurriculars that challenge you and are maybe out of your comfort zone. Do not limit yourself solely to activities within a specific field: orient and engage broadly and use that
knowledge to improve your skill set, shape your preferences, and determine what gives you energy. Future employers like seeing you engaged in extracurricular activities, even when they are not in their respective fields. Finally, remember that success depends on how you define it but finding joy and energy in your work should always be a priority in your career!

Mia’s tips: 

  • Make use of your network (it’s your net worth ;))! Seek inspiration from those around you

  • Explore the job market by attending Female x Finance workshops and network with women in different fields in finance

  • Attending network and career events can help you gain valuable insights into various companies and industries,

  • Some companies even offer mentorship programmes for you to get to know the company over an extended period of time

I encourage every student to explore their strengths, unlock their potential, and discover their career purpose through extracurricular activities. Seek out committees, organizations, or companies that both challenge and energize you!

Remember, your path to success is as one-of-a-kind as you are, and finding meaning in your efforts paves the way for a satisfying career. Stay open to new opportunities and see each chance as a stepping stone to even more!