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Get ready to dive into the exciting world of traders! The “A Day in the Life of a Trader” brought together a group of 20 talented and ambitious women from various cities, including Amsterdam, Milan, Copenhagen, Leuven, and New York City. With backgrounds in Quantitative Finance, Econometrics & Operations Research, Applied Mathematics, Computational Finance, and Business Analytics, the participants were eager to get a 360-degree view of what it’s like to be a trader. This unique AmplifyME x Flow Traders event provided an immersive experience that allowed them to step into the shoes of a trader and gain a real-life understanding of the day-to-day activities in this dynamic field.

Flow Traders is a leading global liquidity provider. Historically specialised in Exchange Traded Products (ETPs), Flow Traders now also provides liquidity in Digital Assets, Fixed Income, Commodities, and Foreign Exchange (FX).

Founded in 2009, AmplifyME is the world’s leading provider of simulation-based learning technology, offering practical training and development across financial markets.

The Trader’s Adventure

Powered by AmplifyME, the event immersed the participants in a practical simulation, enabling them to experience the thrilling flow of trade. From real trading desks to hands-on activities, they gained a genuine taste of the fast-paced trader’s lifestyle. Engaging with trading professionals and uncovering the secrets of the industry, these aspiring traders explored their potential like never before.

Unveiling the Trading Spirit

Flow Traders’ event offered an exciting 360-degree view of the trading profession. The participants had the incredible opportunity to interact with seasoned traders, unraveling their stories of success and hearing firsthand accounts of life on the trading floor. This unique encounter not only sparked inspiration but also provided valuable mentorship to help navigate their own trading journeys.

The numbers speak for themselves.

Are satisfied with the event
Are more aware of what a trader does
Are likely to become a trader
Enjoyed discovering the trading floor at Flow Traders

“The trading floor visit was the part I enjoyed the most. However, I also greatly appreciated the attention, naturalness, and availability of the traders and employees, the selection of like-minded participants, as well as the variety and practicality of the proposed activities. What a fantastic event!”

– Elisabetta Fabris

Elisabetta Fabris bocconi university

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